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Carpet Extractors
Carpet Extractors
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New wet pickup motors with low battery consumption and long life. A carpet extractor’s dream

The number one failure mode for wet pickup applications has been eliminated with Ametek's patented bearing protection.  Ametek is happy to announce the next generation wet pickup vacuum motor, designed with the intent to consume less power and provide enhanced performance.

The high motor and fan efficiency design allows a 2 stage 6.6” output performance to exceed a similar 3 stage 5.7” with less input power. The 6.6” DC motor/fan system is 36% efficient versus a typical 28% efficient 3 stage 5.7”.

What does this mean to the commercial floorcare industry?
It means longer shifts without the need to recharge or it provides additional power for other demands from the low voltage equipment. The motor also incorporates enhanced bearing protection to prevent water from washing the grease out of the bearing.

The 2 stage 6.6” DC motor/vacuum is a significantly quieter motor. Tested at .5” to .875” effective orifices, the 6.6” is 3 dB less in overall sound and about 5 sones quieter. Sones is a measurement of loudness that takes into account irritating high pitch frequencies decker able by the human ear.

Designed with new patented brush technology, Ametek was able to take the average life from 700 hours to more than 1500+ hours.


Bearing moved to clean dry area

Additional protection from relocation of the cooling fan

Labyrinth run in seal

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