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Wide Area Vacuums
Wide-Area-Vacuums  Wide are a vacuums are used to clean large areas such as hotels, casinos, of commercial buildings. Typically powered by two thu flow universal wound vacuum cleaner motors and a beater bar motor to move the dirt. Ametek Floorcare & Specialty Motors produces a wide range of fan sizes and power levels suitable for the wide area vacuum application. The most common motor used in this application is a 5.7 thru flow motor, which is why you should check out Ametek’s new 5.4” integrated diffuser motor. This motor has the ability to out the same power levels of the typical 5.7” motor in a smaller lighter package. The new 5.4" Integrated diffuser leverages higher efficiency fan designs along with an integrated diffuser with noise canceling.

What does this mean to the commercial floorcare employee? Users can enjoy a quieter vacuum.

The motor incorporates a noise canceling diffuser and fan design, where the blade pass frequency created between the rotating fan and primary diffuser is cancelled because of the primary and secondary diffuser design. This motor is 7dB and 10 Sones quieter than the an equivalent performing 5.7.
Large Area Vacuums 

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