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Lawn and Garden
AMETEK Floorcare & Specialty Motors are used in a wide variety of Lawn and Garden applications. You can find our PMDC motors in electric lawn mowers and electric starter motors for gas driven engines. Our series universal wound motors are found in leaf blowers, snow throwers and electric chainsaws.

With development of our new high efficiency Galaxy lamination, many OEMs are finding it to be a great replacement for the old inefficient E-style lamination.

Ametek continues to push the technology curve in universal wound drive motors. Our latest accomplishment is the new GALAXY LAMINATION. This lamination provides increased
electrical efficiency allowing the design engineer to take advantage of the technology by either reducing material content for the same effective performance or pushing the performance envelope without breaching electrical limits. The lamination provides for better cooling through a more open core, thus reduction air flow restrictions allowing the motor to operate more coolly.


GALAXY vs Round E Lamination
So why is the GALAXY better than the round E? The round E has a higher bore impedance. Getting cooling air down through the armature and field is more difficult and the difficulty increases with stack length. So, when a designer wants increased performance out of a round E (torque) the ability to cool the motor is impeded because the stack height is longer. With the GALAXY lamination this problem is avoided. The electrical properties of the GALAXY are superior as well. It just makes sense.

  • Leaf Blower
  • Snow Thrower
  • Electric Chainsaw
  • Electric Starter
  • Electric Trimmers
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