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You never see our motors, but they are moving things none the less. When you drive through the drive through teller at the bank, you don’t see us but our motors are moving your money and deposit slips in those tubes to the tellers and back to you. Many plastic pellets are moving from the hoppers or regrind into the injection molding machines. We also move wood pellets used as fuel into pellet boilers for heating.

Ametek has designed families of motors specifically for Pneumatic Material Handling applications.

Our Switched Reluctance Brushless 5.7”, 7.2” and 8.4” motors offer an estimated 5,000-10,000 hours of life for heavy duty continuous duty use. They have the added advantage of being able to control the speed of the motor by multiple methods. This enables the designer to maintain a more constant flow even as the filter begins to clog. The motor’s microprocessor-based controller requires no carbon brushes. Brushes, in addition to needing replacement every 400-600 hours, also produce carbon dust that can affect air quality. Additionally, the extended life of the INFIN-A-TEK motor is enhanced by superior bearing lubrication and cooling features built into each model.

Lamb Electric’s patented air seal bearing protection system in our brush motors keeps the sealed ball bearing and its lubricants free of moisture. In competing series universal motors, such contaminants as moisture and detergents can degrade the integrity of the bearings leading to bearing failure. 

Another Lamb Electric patented design feature is the cooling system that helps keep the entire INFIN-A-TEK motor running smoothly and efficiently. Effective cooling is made even more critical in switched reluctance motors due to the tight air gap tolerances that are key to basic SR design.  Fields and armatures that are kept cool, run more efficiently. In the INFIN-A-TEK motor, a fan mounted below the rotor core on the shaft moves air through the upper part of the motor to cool the electronics package, the rotor and stator, and even the sealed ball bearings.

The Eternity Brush 5.7 through flow models offer the longest life available for a brushed motor at 1500-3000 hours of continuous life use. This is a very economical solution for the entry level product. This family can be used to eliminate the down time of brush replacement that is required with standard brushed motors. This reduced down time directly translates into direct dollar savings and productivity savings by reducing the time and labor to make the brush changes. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and more customers.
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