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Surface Prep
Although concrete floors were once reserved for industrial and commercial areas, they are becoming a very popular trend in studios, loft apartments, and high-end condo units. Even a single-family home often has concrete floors, either in their basement or in their garage. Polished concrete is an acceptable alternative to higher end expensive marble and other wear resistant traffic areas. Concrete floors are extremely durable.

Concrete polishing is an important step in the preparation and care of both new and older concrete floors. Concrete polishing is similar to that of sanding hardwood. It simply removes the old and replaces it with new, shiny concrete. This is especially helpful once the floor has been used for many years and is starting to show pitted areas and general wear. Concrete polishing is also a good finishing step for concrete floors that have just been installed. It will remove any dust that has collected over the installation process and will leave the floor with a mirror-like shine.
surface prep vacuum 
AMETEK motors are used in the vacuums used to capture polish debri. As you can imagine the dust and smoke generated by sanding concrete is very caustic, so dependable powerful vacuums from AMETEK Floorcare & Specialty Motors are the dependable choice.

So whether it is concrete, hardwood or some other type of floor material you can count on AMETEK vacuuming the residue and debris.
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